About Me



KimParis is a dynamic singer and songwriter whose love of Christ shines through in her voice and lyrics.  

As a young child, KimParis’ passion for singing was evident during her “performances” for her grandmother in the family living room, but it wasn’t until she coupled that youthful passion with knowledge of Christ’s sacrifice that purchased her salvation that her singing took on a real significance and purpose. 

Since becoming a Christian, KimParis has devoted her music gift to serving on her church choirs and praise teams as a lead singer and director. “The Voice”, as she has been called, has left many asking for the source of such a powerful and glass-breaking sound. 

By the power of the Holy Spirit, KimParis has been pleased to sing before many notable and distinguished people including a former President and First Lady of the United States. She was also blessed to offer a song of encouragement to legendary football great Walter Peyton just months before his untimely death. KimParis has also been on The Dorinda Show.  

Despite these honors, she is most proud, however, of the service the Lord has blessed her to provide to seniors and others who need the encouragement and support that only the sacred songs of Zion can offer.
Influenced by jazz, rhythm and blues, and traditional southern gospel, KimParis’ sophisticated sound will bring visions of paradise to the minds of everyone who hears her.

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